Marble Restoration

Many homes here in Connecticut have natural stone like marble inside. Yours may be one of them. Marble adds resale value to your home and also makes it looks incredibly luxurious, yet only if it is in good condition.   If you don’t absolutely love the way your marble looks right now, the answer is to have it cleaned, honed or polished.
HydroShield of Southern Connecticut provides this professional marble cleaning, honing and polishing service. When we do this, we take great care to do it in the correct manner.
After we restore your Marble we can protect it with our HydroShield, proprietary protection which will protect it from water and oil based stains while making it very easy to keep clean.  They protection is backed by a locally supported three year warrant.

Trusted Stone Restoration Experts

We can restore your Marble so that it looks sparkling clean again. We remove stains, etch marks and scratches.  We will have your marble back to new in a day and then protect it to keep it that way.

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