Marble Restoration

Trusted Stone Restoration Experts

We can restore your Marble so that it looks sparkling clean again. We remove stains, etch marks and scratches.  We will have your marble back to new in a day and then protect it to keep it that way.

Stain Removal

HydroShield of Southern Connecticut can remove stains from all types of natural stone found in Connecticut homes.  Once stains are removed, we will protect your stone to prevent future staining.


Halfway restored granite using HydroShield Stain Removal Process.

Chip Repair

HydroShield of Southern Connecticut can repair chips from daily wear and tear on your granite countertops.  Whether your chip is on an edge or flat surface, we offer the best solution in Connecticut for your chip repair needs.


HydroShield Chip Repair can make chips look like they never even happened.

Etch Removal

HydroShield of Southern Connecticut can remove etch marks from marble, travertine, limestone and other calcium based stone. Why replace when you can restore!


A common etch mark on unprotected marble.